Sunday, July 26, 2009


Why are sibling relationships so important?
While friendships come and go, sibling relationships are permanent. We cannot choose our siblings as we do friends; that is what makes this relationship unique.
The sibling relationship has the longest duration of any human relationship! Next to our parents, who often know us from birth to adulthood, our siblings are likely to know us even longer. Because most siblings are within 10 years of age, we are likely to share a relationship for more years than any other family relationship.
Our siblings share with us a lifetime worth of memories and stories. For example, your sister may be the only other living person who remembers that vacation to Niagara Falls when you were children or your brother is the only one who can remember how your grandpa used to eat your vegetables behind grandma’s back. This shared history is priceless and becomes more valuable as we age.

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